Bateman Physical Therapy Testimonials

I would highly recommend James. He was my first PT contact at home after total knee replacement surgery. At that time I didn’t know the challenges of recovery I was facing and he helped me navigate those and answer my questions before my next surgeon visit. The exercises were difficult but appropriate for my initial days out of surgery. We went over things I had not thought about like navigating a step properly or getting in and out of a car. In our last sessions he brought his table and did some range of motion manipulation that I could not have done by myself. 

Ken Stone

James is an exceptional physical therapist. And I have had others to whom I can compare. His professional skills are excellent. He is a superb listener, a great problem solver and is highly skilled at locating the areas that need attention. He is always on time, with a great work ethic and a highly positive attitude. His outpatient at-home practice is first-rate. I highly recommend him and rate him as exceptional. 

Andrew Orgel

Working with James Bateman is an incredibly personalized experience. At each session, James’ focus is on what speciffic ability I want to work on recovering. With the result that I have regained skills continually since I began working with him. He hasn’t told me to to x exercises, but instead has helped me by talking through speciffic aspects of my life and guiding me on how to recover them through lifestyle changes and special attention on how my injury feels as I do things. This training has helped me so much. It has been life changing. I’ve already referred multiple friends and family who have also valued the confidence in recovery that James brings. If you want to be told “do so many sets and so many reps,” James’ treatment style is probably not for you. If you want to learn how to understand and improve how your body works ,and gain confidence in real life situations, James is exactly the person to go to. 

S.P. CH.

I have worked with Dr. James Bateman for the past several months to rehab a patellar (kneecap) fracture. James was highly recommended to me by one of my Hope Hospice co-workers who knew him through his previous work with Hope’s home health agency. Personally, I hadn’t had much experience with physical therapy despite my “advanced” age, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect; I was very pleasantly surprised. While I’ve now been officially released from PT, I know that I can always contact James should I need anything. I can honestly say that I can do everything I did before the fracture, which was our shared rehab goal. I’m not 100% pain-free and my knee still gets stiff on occasion, but I know I have the tools I need to remedy those issues, and I am confident that they will be resolved with time and with my commitment to continue the exercises prescribed by James. 

Debra Emerson

Dr. James Bateman is such a knowledgeable care provider. He is an attentive listener and asks thoughtful follow-up questions so you know you are being heard and your concerns are being addressed. Both in-person and remote visits have been successful in addressing areas of concern and creating a recovery plan that works. He is clear, thorough, and respectful. I can’t recommend his services enough. 

Andrea Trager

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Kerri Hamilton

James Bateman went above and beyond to help our family not only heal post cast and surgery, but also navigate the entire process so we could get all the services we needed. He was professional, timely, and proactive as our advocate. He did more than the social worker. Highly recommend. 

Joe Duca

Our experience with James was excellent. He did a wonderful job getting across to a 10 year old the importance of proper arm care for a baseball player. He listened to our concerns, evaluated my son, and came up with an appropriate course of action. He was available for questions and continues to check in on my son’s progress.